The Festival

Singing is wonderful, but singing in chorus is even more joyful than it may seem. It goes beyond the individual effort, which makes the thing more exciting.

Nothing is more difficult to create, than chemistry between a number of people of different ages and sexes, even of different origins and cultures.

Our international choir festival “Marrakech Choral Meeting” accepts the challenge of merging choral groups of different nationalities to sing in harmony.

Arriving from  Europe,  Africa and other continents of the world, the singers will gather with enormous joy in Marrakech to share the gift of singing between their minds and their hearts  uniting in nothing  but  the Voice.

The festival is open to  choirs  and vocal ensembles of all sizes and  ages, with repertoire of all genres and periods

  •  sacred or prophane
  • classical or folk, gospel, spiritual, patriotic, traditional
  • Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic or contemporary
  • a capella or with instrument accompaniement
  •  pop, rock or evergreens, French chansons

The Choral Meeting is not a competition and therefore there is no jury to judge the level of performance – it is aiming at joy of singing and good time with fellow singers from other countries.

Every choir will have at least two public performances in historic palaces of Marrakech.